“What Is RESIDE?”

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  • What Is Included In RESIDE?
  • 24/7 access to 4 high achieving team leader/consultants who have respectfully closed 1,000 transactions the first 20 months of a startup, accomplished 20% market share, closed over a billion in one year and delivered over 20,000 coaching calls to the highest achieving team leaders in the world.
  • We handle onboarding of your agents for you.
  • 4 leadership coaching calls per month for your entire leadership team.
  • 4 agent trainings delivered per month for all of your agents.
  • Follow up boss with our proven and exclusive automations and integrations that only RESIDE members have access to.
  • Exclusive SEO optimised website.
  • Accounting and monthly executive accounting review.
  • A highly active Private Facebook Group for your entire leadership team to collaborate with other leaders and go to for consulting and information 24/7.
  • A highly active Private Facebook Group for the agents on your team to collaborate with other agents and go to for consulting and information 24/7.
  • Online learning library that houses all of our trainings in video and downloadable training documents for both agents and leadership accessible to you and your agents 24/7.
I'm Interested To Explore

RESIDE is no joke! The implementation with this group is off the charts. The human connection and accountability is game changing. The past 2 weeks have been nuts! 🚀 🔥 - Courtney Bourland

My experience has been world class so far and we haven't even officially started. This is awesome and I'll get mine in tonight. This is exactly why I signed up. - Alex Yu

OKAY! I officially love you guys Nick, Preston, Suneet, and Jon. Nick and Preston were SO amazing and I am so blessed to be a part of this puzzle piece that I could not understand. My team loved every bit of it. This rocket is ready for take-off...Reside has a period at the end to represent permanent and no other place to go be RESIDE. - Joe Rodriguez

Today was the most powerful day of learning I've experienced in my entire real estate career. Thank you to the Reside Coaches and team leaders that shared their knowledge so freely and graciously. Unadulterated, unrivaled value. - Jessica Boswell

This room is contagious…The energy is flowing, the knowledge is impowering, hearing where we are at individually to where we all aspire to go, is inspiring. A group of down to earth people who are all in it for the same reasons to excel and succeed in all areas of life and bring massive value to the people around them, their real estate teams and clients. Can’t wait to get back together with you all next time ❤️ but for now we have more work to do 💃🏻🚀🔥 - Jamie Seneca

So thankful for you Nick, Preston, Suneet, and the team leaders. This was a day that will not be forgotten. Such caring, authentic, community and collaboration; blessed beyond measure to be a part of this journey; right here, right now! - Hal & Kris Cone

The Founders:

Suneet Agarwal has accomplished the #1 Team In The State of California and over a Billion In Sales In One Year. Suneet is also an elite coach who does over 1,000 coaching calls a year.

Nick McLean has tackled 20% market share while being a perennial 7 Figure Net Income Earning Team. In addition to writing and delivering high-level courses for elite team leaders and a coach to those same leaders.

Preston Guyton operates a startup that after opening in October 2021, just had over 100 sales in March of 2023 and has closed 800 transactions in the last 12 months. In addition he manages multiple high-performing google ppc ad accounts for top teams throughout North America.

Jon Cheplak is the coach to elite team leaders throughout North America

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